Engineering Analysis, Simulations and Design Solutions

We provide engineering simulation services using state-of-the-art commercial analysis software such as AutoDesk* Simulations, ANSYS* or any other software you may specify meeting your requirements. We can also provide cost effective solution using well-known, extensively-tested and wide-used open-source software. In-house High Performance Computing (HPC) set up with remote computing capability mean you shall never be disappointed whatever be the simulation problem size.

The types of engineering simulations include the followings:

  • 3D & mathematical modelling of engineering parts/assemblies geometry and operating environment for simulation and performance assessment.

  • Static strength assessment – Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for linear/non-linear materials and geometric deformation.

  • Vibration & Frequency Analysis – Natural Frequency, Frequency Response, Response Spectrum, Random Vibration.

  • Buckling Strength – Critical Buckling Load

  • Dynamic Analysis – Transient Stress, Mechanical Event Simulation, Dynamic Design Analysis Method (DDAM for shock proof foundations design)

  • Thermal – steady state, transient & multi-physics

  • Hydrostatics & CFD – static stability, hydrodynamics/aerodynamics & multi-physics

  • Fatigue Analysis – Stress/strain-based analyses for single or multiple load cases.

Provide specialist assistance in:

  • New design; Concept through Product
  • Design reviews and 2nd design assessment
  • Incident analysis; failure analysis of design in services and remedial solutions
  • Reliability and risk analysis; for new designs as well as for existing systems
  • Development of design and assessment procedures for novel designs
* AutoDesk and ANSYS are trade marks of AutoDesk, Inc and ANSYS,Inc, respectively.